Virtual Servers

Virtual Servers

Would you like to reduce your IT expenses while increasing efficiency and agility?

IT systems can be complex, costly and often inflexible and cumbersome to change.

VMWare virtualisation is the perfect remedy to these opponents of efficiency. By enabling you to run multiple virtual servers on a single server, you will enjoy:

  • vastly improved efficiency (up to 80% in some circumstances),
  • greatly decreased hardware and overhead requirements (reducing costs, servicing and maintenance requirements, and being considerably kinder to the environment), and
  • higher levels of flexibility and availability.

Our in-house or in the cloud VMWare solution offers advanced features which surpass other providers meaning that you get greater reliability, better security, high availability/load balancing, enhanced performance, increased cost savings, higher return on investment, lower total cost of ownership and simplified IT management.

This is a long list. But our clients tell us that all these factors are important to their business. 

Virtual Server Backup

We can also provide a Cloud Backup Service covering VMWare ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V  so your safe in the knowledge that your business critical virtual servers are safe if disaster did strike!


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