Web Hosting

Is your website important to your business?

If it is, then where your website is hosted is important.

If you are in business, the chances are your website is a significant part of your company, whether as a shop front, or as an entire operational arm of your business.

And yet many businesses satisfy themselves with the cheapest web hosting they can find. This may be ok initially, but what about when something goes wrong? Would you know what to do?

Most low cost providers will, at best, charge you to put things right. Or, at worst, will not provide any support at all, providing no means of contact on their websites. The result? Your website goes down, you lose all the content and you have no way of getting it back up.

Thankfully not all low cost hosting solutions are that bad. But, as with everything else, there are often limitations. Think of another scenario. You finally got that great PR coverage for your fabulous new product. The hits on your website go through the roof. That is, until your site goes down due to too much traffic. That great PR suddenly turns into negative PR. Thousands of people have now heard of you, but they also know that your website doesn't work.

Standard hosting is often not geared up to deal with sudden peaks in traffic.

Our Web Hosting

Our premium hosting boasts elasticity and can cope with such peaks. So while you work hard at growing your business, we're working hard at making sure that your website doesn't let you down.

We provide ongoing support for our customers so that, in the unlikely event that things go wrong, we can work with you to get things back up and running as soon as possible.

Included in our hosting packages are domain name registration, DNS management and we can host your site on Windows or Linux servers to suit your specific requirements. We also prove full access to an easy to use control panel so you can manage your own needs if you prefer. But you will always have our highly trained support staff available whenever you need it.


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There are enough risks in business. Don't let your website hosting be one of them. Contact Us today and find out how we can provide ultimate peace of mind.